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Hiking in the Ånderdalen Valley, Norway - Photo: Troms Reiseliv
Hiking in the Ånderdalen Valley, Norway Photo: Troms Reiseliv

Hiking in Troms

Troms boasts three national parks with good hiking. Exploring Senja Island, Reisa National Park and Lauklines are among the highlights.

Troms boasts three national parks: Reisa, Øvre Dividal and Ånderdalen. In addition, there is the Lyngen Landscape Protected Area. These areas cover varied nature including rivers, inland areas, forests, mountain plains, coastal areas and high alpine mountains. Most hikes may be combined with fishing in the sea, fjord, rivers or idyllic mountain lakes.

The hiking season in Troms normally runs from mid-June to the end of September, with the best period starting in mid-July.

Reisadalen and Reisa National Park

Saraelv, located at the end of the road in the Reisadalen Valley, is the entrance to the Reisa National Park. This is a starting point for the trail, which is part of the Northkalott Trail. The trail alongside the river can be a little tough because of stones. Sieimmahytta Lodge is located 12 kilometres up the valley, where the national park starts. The spectacular Mollisfossen Waterfall, which plunges 269 metres, is a four-hour hike on the other side of the river. The trail continues to another waterfall, Imofossen, another four-hour hike away. With its large canyon, this waterfall is even more impressive than Mollisfossen. It is possible to go up the river with riverboats.

Duration: Two to three days
Rating: Medium to hard
Buy map at Halti National Park Centre +47 77 77 05 56
Tourist information: reisa-nasjonalpark.no

Hiking on Senja Island

The trail that follows "the length of the Senja", Norway's second largest island, is a demanding hiking route. The terrain is hilly, but the views are spectacular and the variation of terrain is exciting. It is also possible to walk each of the four stages as stand-alone day hikes. The trail passes through mountain beech and coastal pine forests in the Ånderdalen National Park.

Distance: 70 kilometres
Duration: Four days
Rating: Medium to hard
Tourist information: visittroms.no

Husfjell on Senja

The marked trail starts behind the church in Skaland. First the trail follows a forest road and then a path. It is uphill most of the way with a view over the Bergsfjord and its 98 islands.

Duration: Three to four hours
Rating: Easy
Tourist information: visittroms.no

Sjursviktind on Senja

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery seen from the outmost part of southern Senja. From the summit, 837 metres above sea level, you get an excellent view towards the Bjarkøy and Grytøy islands. The path is moderately steep, with easy underfoot but very steep going up to the summit.

Duration: Four to five hours up and down
Rating: Easy to moderate
Tourist information: visittroms.no

Tranøybotn - Åndervatnet

From Hyttekroa Caravan and Camping Park in Tranøybotn a path leads into the Ånderdalen National Park and Åndervatnet Lake. On the south side of the lake is a turf hut if you wish to spend the night. The hike goes trough easy and flat terrain.

Duration: Six hours there and back
Rating: Easy
Tourist information: visittroms.no

Hiking in Lauklines

Nowhere is the landscape more complete than when the view towards the wild mountain peaks can be combined with that of the fjords and the sea. It is this combination that makes the perfect mountain hiking experience. Around Lauklines, there are lots of hiking opportunities for every level of ability and ambition. You can experience a gentle stroll along valleys with babbling brooks and small waterfalls in lush birch forests. Spend a quiet moment away from everything at a small tarn or lake.

The islands and skerries between the fjord and the open ocean offer varied opportunities for hiking, in summer or winter. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also try the challenge of a peak trip and a walk along the steep ridges with a wide open view in all directions.

In the summer you can take all the time you need, with daylight 24 hours a day, and in good weather you can take in the subtle changes in colour of the landscape as the sun turns above the horizon for hours before rising to shine on another day.  

Guided trips

Contact Tromsø Natur og Fritid to make personal arrangements for guided trips. At the store at Lauklines you can purchase hiking maps and any equipment you need. Here are two suggestions for guided trips.

Vasstinden  (896 metres above sea level) is the highest peak outside Kattfjordeidet on the island of Kvaløya. From the summit, there are wonderful views of the surrounding sea, northwards towards the Ersfjord Pass and southwards towards Senja and Lenvik. The hike is steep at the start, but does not provide other aerial challenges until you reach the top and look down into the valleys of Isdalen and Likdalen. The route is signposted all the way. The entire hike is on forest paths in alpine terrain and the first incline is relatively steep and hard. A good level of fitness is required to complete this hike.

Join a guided hike beginning from Lauklines Kystferie with a short drive to Vasstrand. The hike takes you to the summit of Stortuva(296 metres above sea level) near Vasstrand. There is a great view of the Arctic coast and inwards of the majestic massif on the island of Kvaløya. This hike is on forest paths, moors and alpine terrain. A moderate fitness level is required to complete this hike.


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At the top of Husfjellet on Senja in Northern Norway - Photo: Nord Norsk Reiseliv
At the top of Husfjellet on Senja in Northern Norway
Husfjell on Senja in Northern Norway - Photo: Reiner Schaufler
Husfjell on Senja in Northern Norway
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Hiking in the Ånderdalen Valley, Norway - Photo: Troms Reiseliv

Hiking in Troms

Troms boasts three national parks with good hiking. Exploring Senja Island, Reisa National Park and Lauklines are among the highlights.

Hiking in Troms

Source: Visitnorway


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Nature plays an important role in many of the activities which are on offer in Troms.

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Run in the midnight sun or play a round of golf on the world's northernmost course. Hike, paddle or fish in spectacular Arctic scenery.

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About Troms

Tourist Information in Troms

Troms Reiseliv runs a year-round tourist information office for Troms County.

Key facts about Troms

Archipelagos, fjords and mountains create the frame for the county of Troms with added colour from the midnight sun and northern lights.

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