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Bøttedalskollen in Stongelandseidet, Norway - Photo: Gunn-Marit Lynghaug
Bøttedalskollen in Stongelandseidet, Norway Photo: Gunn-Marit Lynghaug

Tour suggestions in Troms

Visit fishing villages in the morning and go hiking in the mountains in the afternoon.

Tour suggestion 1

Experience the county of Troms' three distinct cultures, and scenery that changes from valleys to mountain ranges and moors to fjords.

The E6 highway passes straight through the county of Troms on its way to the North Cape. Start by visiting Polar Zoo, one of the world’s northernmost zoological park, and continue with several interesting local museums. The beautiful Istindan Mountains serve as a landmark in the south of the county and are a challenge to conquer. The inland town of Bardufoss has an airport with flight connections to Oslo, as well as Polarbadet (an indoor water park).

After Bardufoss, the E6 leaves the wide open valleys and plains of the inland area and heads towards the coast and fjords.

At Nordkjosbotn, the E6 meets with the E8, which acts as a link between the city of Tromsø to the west and the Finish boarder to the east. The highway is jointly known as the E6 and E8 until just prior to the town of Skibotn where the E6 continues northwards. Do not miss "Bollmannsveien", which was a part of the World War II defence network built by Russian, Yugoslavian and Polish prisoners of war. The walk up the mountain here offers a fantastic view of the Lyngen Alps.

In Kåfjorden, Sami traditions are strong and visible through old traditional handicrafts at Grenebua, as well as at Holmenes, a Sami farm dating from the 1800s.

A ferry operates from Rotsund to the island of Uløya, stopping at Havnnes, an operational trading post with long traditions with stockfish.

A detour to Skjervøy, only 30 kilometres from the E6, is another interesting option along the route, as is a stop at the Reisa National Park Centre in Storslett. 

The E6 continues across the Kvænangsfjellet Mountain with its superb views, before heading down to the two fjords, the Kvænangsfjord and Burfjord. In Burfjord, you will find an exhibition on the rebuilding after World War II and an express boat to the island of Spildra.

Further north, at Alteidet, the county road fv. 365 offers a beautiful detour to view Øksfjordjøkelen, the last glacier on the European mainland which breaks off directly into the sea.

Distance: 370 kilometres
Driving time: Approximately six hours

Tour suggestion 2

Experience the coast between Olderdalen and Gryllefjord.

The E6 is the only road southwards until Olderdalen, where an alternative route begins featuring ferries between islands and beautiful coastal scenery. Taking the ferry across to Lyngseidet, driving on fv. 91, and then taking the ferry across the Ullsfjord reduces the travel time to Tromsø. From Breivikeidet, it is just a 40-minute drive to the city of Tromsø. 

From Tromsø, you follow the fv. 862 across the island of Kvaløya, passing the beautiful Kattfjord before the island of Sommarøy appears.

A slightly longer, but more attraction-filled, route goes along fv. 858/fv. 54. Over the summer months a ferry operates from Brensholmen, near Sommarøy, to the island of Senja.

From Gryllefjord on Senja, you can take the summer ferry to Andøya in Vesterålen and continue to Lofoten. Alternatively, drive from Senja towards Finnsnes and experience the beautiful coastal route through Southern Troms. Then head south on fv. 86 towards Sørreisa, and continue on fv. 84 to Løksebotn. From Løksebotn the fv. 848 leads towards Ibestad and Harstad.

Distance: 255 kilometres
Driving time: Approximately 6 hours and 40 minutes

Tour suggestion 3

Discover lush fjords and islands in Southern Troms. 

A round-tour off the beaten track to Harstad, Ibestad, Salangen and Gratangen is a great experience. Take the ferry from Harstad to Sørrollnes, where a vigorous climate contributes to 17 different varieties of orchids growing on the island. Hamnvik is an historic trading post dating from 1794.

An underground tunnel takes you to Andørja, the island in Northern Europe with the largest number of mountains. The bridge leads across to the mainland, from where you drive southwards on fv. 84 towards Sjøvegan. At the end of the Salangselva River you will find Elvelund Camping which organises caving trips.

Continue south on fv. 84 to Lavangen and turn right and follow fv. 141 along the coast. At the head of the next fjord, you will discover the North Norwegian Ship Preservation Centre and Boat Museum, where you can catch a glimpse of the coastal heritage and the restoration of old boats.

The route continues on fv. 825, known as the Coastal Heritage Road, towards Harstad. The road passes Ebbestua, a restored traditional Nordland house. After the Tjeldsund Bridge, turn right onto fv. 83 to return to your starting point.

Distance: 220 kilometres
Driving time: Approximately five hours

Tour suggestion 4

A round trip in Central Troms which enables you to explore real wilderness and the open sea on the same day. 

From Finnsnes, a bridge leads across to Senja, Norway’s second largest island. Fv. 861 towards Gibostad and Senjahopen takes you through a lush coastal landscape with steep mountains and small fishing villages.

The roads between Botnhamn and Gryllefjord (fv. 862 and fv. 86) will in 2012 become parts of Norway's national tourist routes. The 12-kilometre detour to Husøy on fv. 277 enables you to experience a vibrant fishing community with a climate so harsh that some houses have been wired to the ground.

Fv. 862 and fv. 86 on Senja passes Breitind, Senja’s highest mountain, and the village of Mefjordvær, which has a fascinating history and a beautiful view of the sea. On the other side of the tunnel lie the Ersfjord, Steinfjord and the Bergsfjord. A stop at the view points provides a panoramic view of the Okshornan mountain range, also known as the "Devil’s Jaw".

v. 862 ends at Strømsbotn and the route continues to the right on fv. 86. Bergsfjorden contains 98 islands and the main road passes the Senja Troll, Hamn i Senja and the ruins of the Senja Nickel Works en route to the fishing village of Gryllefjord. The nickel works had the world’s first water-powered electricity plant. A 20-minute walk from the road leads to the ruins of the dam. Gryllefjord won an architectural award in 2007 and has an exciting history.

Drive a further five kilometres and you come to Torsken Church, a red cruciform church, which dates from 1784. The road ends here and fv. 86 returns to Finnsnes.

Fv. 274 leaves the main road and takes you down to Sifjorden. The Sami Museum is situated a short distance from the road. The hairpin bends on the mountain road add to the experience. Flakstadvåg is situated on the left, whilst on the right lies Grunnfarnes with a cultural heritage trail taking you back to the Iron Age.

Fv. 860 to Skrolsvik goes past Ånderdalen National Park. Turn off at Stonglandseidet to visit Hofsøy Farm, which enjoys a history dating back more than 4,000 years. Attractions in Skrolsvik include the Halibut Museum and the Senjahesten Coastal Fort Museum.

Distance: 202 kilometres
Driving time: Approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes

Tour suggestion 5

Visit the local witch at Dyrøy and see one of Europe's longest salmon ladders at Målselvfossen Waterfall. 

Follow fv. 86 to Sørreisa and fv. 84 to Sjøvegan. A detour to Dyrøy enables you to visit the local witch. At the end of the Salangselva River you will find Elvelund Camping which organises caving trips.

A dead end road to Lake Altevann takes you to a wilderness area, where it is possible to go canoeing. Continue on the E6, and then turn right onto fv. 87. This route passes Målselvfossen Waterfall, one of Northern Europe’s longest salmon ladder.

Continue on fv. 87 to Rundhaug, where a right-hand turn onto fv. 854 leads to cabins and apartments at Målselv Fjellandsby and the family theme park Bluenisseland.

The round trip continues on fv. 87 from Rundhaug towards Skjold, from where the road leads to Øvre Dividal National Park. The journey continues fv. 857 to Heia, where you rejoin the E6. At Heia, you can buy souvenirs and food from the Sami.  

Drive three kilometres northwards on E6, then take fv. 296 towards Storsteinnes where you can visit the Fjord Museum. After Storsteinnes, the round trip follows fv. 858 a short distance along the Balsfjord before the road turns inland.

Follow fv. 184 to the left along the Malangsfjord. A detour on fv. 858 goes around the Malangen Peninsula. The road passes Aursfjordsaga, a restored sawmill dating from 1796. Follow the road to Olsborg, turn right onto the E6, then turn off onto fv. 855 to return to Finnsnes.

Distance: 297 kilometres
Driving time: Approximately five hours

Tour suggestion 6 - island-hopping

Tromsø – Ringvassøy – Vannøy – Karlsøy

Cross the bridge from Tromsø to Kvaløya, and then turn right onto fv. 862. Follow the main road (fv. 863) northwards along the fjord to Ringvassøy.

At Hansnes, you will find ferry connections to other islands, including several daily departures to Vannøy and Karlsøy. There are several marked hiking trails on Ringvassøy, Vannøya and Karlsøya, as well as options for boat hire. Experience the special coastal landscape with a rich bird and animal life, including large white-tailed eagle colonies.

Distance: 149 kilometres
Driving time: Approximately four hours and thirty minutes

Last updated:  2012-06-06
Løksa in Troms, Norway - Photo: Beate Karlsen
Løksa in Troms, Norway
Mountain walk in Senja, Troms - Photo: Sverreheimen
Mountain walk in Senja, Troms
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Bøttedalskollen in Stongelandseidet, Norway - Photo: Gunn-Marit Lynghaug

Tour suggestions in Troms

Visit fishing villages in the morning and go hiking in the mountains in the afternoon.

Tour suggestions in Troms

Source: Visitnorway


The capital of the Arctic is a lively and beautiful city packed with culture and history, and surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands.

Winter activities in Troms

Winters in Troms feature blue light, northern lights and white snow.

What to do in Troms

Nature plays an important role in many of the activities which are on offer in Troms.

Attractions in Troms

The Polar Zoo and the three national parks of Reisa, Øvre Dividal and Ånderdalen are popular attractions in Troms.

About Troms

Tourist Information in Troms

Troms Reiseliv runs a year-round tourist information office for Troms County.

Key facts about Troms

Archipelagos, fjords and mountains create the frame for the county of Troms with added colour from the midnight sun and northern lights.

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