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Tonstadli Ferie, Kurs og Misjonssenter in Sirdal, Norway - Photo: Tonstadli
Tonstadli Ferie, Kurs og Misjonssenter in Sirdal, Norway Photo: Tonstadli

Where to stay in Sirdal

Sirdal offers a wide range of accommodation options. Choose between high standard hotels, cabins, campsites and a unique network of mountain cabins.


Sirdal Høyfjellshotell is a newly renovated hotel located next to the hiking trails and ski field at Fidjeland. Sirdal Høyfjellshotell has facilities such as restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool and sauna. Phone: +47 38 37 74 00. Email:booking@hotel.as.

Byrkjedalstunet offers accommodation in rooms that are set up as a copy of a 19th century courtyard. Here the Norwegian heritage is kept alive, with beautiful exterior and interior together with all modern facilities. Byrkjedalstunet also has a hostel on site. Phone: +47 51 61 29 00. Email: post@btunet.no.


Tonstadli Ferie, Kurs og Misjonssenter consists of 27 rooms, four modern cabins and two simpler cabins. Breakfast is included and group discounts are available. Tonstadli enjoys a quiet location, one kilometer from the center of Tonstad. Phone: +47 38 37 74 80/91 86 15 34. Email: post@tonstadli.no.

Sageneset Feriesenter is located on the idyllic peninsula between Tjørhom and Solheim. The holiday resort offers accommodation in cabins, and facilities such as swimming pool, sauna and outdoor waterslide. Sageneset is, in winter, connected to the cross-country trail network and has a floodlit toboggan run for children. Phone: +47 38 37 13 00. Email: feriesenter@sageneset.no.

Haugen Hytteutleie og Camping is a family-run business and offers accommodation in cabins and camping cottages. Café and kiosk on site. Mini golf, playground, canoe, bike and ski rental are some of the facilities offered. Haugen Hytteutleie og Camping is well connected to the cross-country trail network in winter. Phone: +47 38 37 12 83. Email: h-kio@online.no

Sirdal Hytteformidling organizes rental of private cabins and apartments in the Ådneram-Omlid area. Phone: +47 99 03 35 31. Email: post@sirdal-hytteformidling.no. See Sirdal Hytteformidling.

Kvæven Hytteutleie is located next to Sirdal mountain museum, Sirdal golf course and Kvæven information center. The four cabins sleep 5-8 people and are well equipped. Cross-country trails on site. Phone: +47 38 37 11 21. Email:kvevekro@online.no. Read more about Kvæven Hytteutleie.

Fidjeland hytteutleige offers accommodation in three cabins located in beautiful surroundings at Fidjeland. The cabins sleep 5-8 people and are well equipped. Cross-country trails on site, and short distance to Fidjeland ski field and Sirdal Høyfjellshotell. Phone: +47 38 37 11 69/41 20 33 27. Email:fidjeland_hytteutleige@yahoo.no. Find more information at fidjeland.net.

Tømmerhytta på Sinnes is a welcoming log cabin located in Sinnes. Tømmerhytta is well equipped and perfectly suited for families. Phone: +47 48 28 60 63. Email: grete@sinneshytta.no.

Lindeland camping offers cheap dorm/hostel accommodation in beautiful surroundings, as well as a campground for caravans, campervans and tents. Joint shower/sanitary complex. Museum and handicraft outlet on site, and free fishing for all guests. Phone: +47 92 41 91 42. Email: Karintove@powermail.no. Read more about Lindeland Camping.

Suleskard Fjellsenter is located next to the scenic lake in Suleskar, and offers accommodation in well equipped cabins that sleep 3-6 people. Rental of bikes and canoes. Gas tank and grocery store on site. A perfect place to stay if you wish to explore the Lysefjord area. Phone: +47 38 37 11 13/95 22 85 72. Email:fjellsenter@suleskard.no. Read more about Suleskard Fjellsenter.

Ådneram Beredskapsgård is a new outdoor pursuits center that will open in fall 2011. The center consists of 36 beds, divided between two huts and nine rooms, all with shower and WC. Organizations and businesses who seek top modern meeting facilities or a base for outdoor activities can rent the center. Teambuilding, courses, outdoor activities and more are also offered here. Phone: +47 38 37 19 60. Email: post@beredskapsgaarden.no

Mountain cabins

Stavanger Turistforening (trekking association) offers accommodation in 35 DNT backcountry cabins in Sirdal- and Ryfylkeheiane. The cabins are open for everyone and are either unserviced, self-service of staffed. In summer the cabins are connected by over 1,000 kilometers of marked trails, with 450 kilometers marked during the winter season as well. Phone: +47 51 84 02 00. Email: informasjon@stavanger-turistforening.no. More information about Stavanger Turistforening.

Kristiansand og Opplands Turistforening (KOT) (trekking association) offers accommodation in 12 DNT backcountry cabins in Sirdal- and Setesdalsheiane. Staffed lodges, self-serviced cabins and no-service cabins. Kvinen is KOT's self serviced cabin in Sirdal, and you can get here on marked trails from both Haugen and Donsen. In winter there are groomed tracks from Solheim to Kvinen, and from here marked trails to the cabins in Setesdal. Phone: +47 38 12 07 50. Email:mail@kot.no. More information about Kristiansand og Opplands Turistforening.

Statskog offers accommodation in 18 unserviced backcountry cabins in Sirdal- and Setesdalsheiane. All cabins are located in great terrain with good opportunities for fishing. Pre-booking is required. Phone: +47 07 800. Email: post@statskog.no. See statskog.no

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Last updated:  2013-07-11
Haugen Hytteutleie og Camping, Norway - Photo: Sirdalsferie.com
Haugen Hytteutleie og Camping, Norway
Sirdal Høyfjellshotell, Norway - Photo: Sirdalsferie.com
Sirdal Høyfjellshotell, Norway
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Tonstadli Ferie, Kurs og Misjonssenter in Sirdal, Norway - Photo: Tonstadli

Where to stay in Sirdal

Sirdal offers a wide range of accommodation options. Choose between high standard hotels, cabins, campsites and a unique network of mountain cabins.

Where to stay in Sirdal

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Where to stay in the Stavanger region

Accommodation options are many in the Stavanger Region. Choose between hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday cottages, camp sites and even lighthouses.

About Sirdal

Key facts about the Stavanger Region

The Stavanger region is an area of contrasts, from quiet mountain areas for hiking to a vibrant university city with many culinary delights.

Tourist information in Sirdal

There are two tourist information offices in Sirdal. Here you will find all the information you need to plan your holiday in the area.

Tourist information in the Stavanger region

The Tourist Information Offices in the Stavanger region can help you with just about any travel-related query, from activity tips to booking hotels.

Key facts about Sirdal

The community centre of Sirdal is Tonstad, Norway's capital of hydro electrical power development.

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