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Cycling in Southern Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke, Nordic Life
Cycling in Southern Norway Photo: Terje Rakke, Nordic Life

Biking holiday along the Norwegian Riviera

This summer you can experience Southern Norway's white coastal cities by bike.

Experience "the white string of pearls"

The small towns with their white wooden houses and narrow streets are like beads on a string along the southern coast of Norway also known as the Norwegian Riviera. The best way to experience "the white string of pearls" is to travel from town to town, at your own pace, through the outports, narrow alleyways, along the coast and by ferry to the little islands that lies along the coast. This year we can offer you this, whether you come with your family, your friends, colleagues, visitors, or you seek peace alone. Bring your own bike or rent one at the tourist offices. Start in Risør, or at the other end - in Lillesand. 

Risør, Lyngørporten and Tvedestrand

Starting in Risør, be sure to enjoy the day here before you ride your bike through the woods heading for Lyngørporten/ Gjeving and your first accomodation Bohotellet Lyngørporten, located right on the shoreline. Do not miss a trip to the island community Lyngør, just a short ferry- or taxiboatride away. After a night at the hotel, embark on the journey that is edge-to-edge with the sea and passing through small towns, the summer town Tvedestrand and through Kilsund and Narestø to Arendal.


In Arendal an ice cream or a fishburger in the city harbor "Pollen" is mandatory.Take time out for a ferry ride to Hisøy and Tromøy or the historic outport Merdø.After a good night's sleep at Clarion Hotel Tyholmen the trip continues to Grimstad.Be sure to take a bath and stop for refreshments at the historic Strand Hotel Fevik.

Grimstad and Lillesand

In Grimstad you can enjoy the narrow streets and shop in the little boutiques in town. The night will be spent at Rica Hotel Grimstad before you continue on for Lillesand.

 You can choose a somewhat simpler route along highway 410, or take in the historical route through the forest "west coast highway". This was the main artery of communication between east and west in the 1900s. This route is steep, so expect to push the bike over the steepest hills!

Arriving in Lillesand and you will be accommodated at Lillesand Hotel Norge if you have selected a 4 night trip. Starting the trip in Lillesand, you can enjoy exactly the same experiences towards Risør.

Here are two different tour suggestions, with either 3 or 4 nights along the way, and the option to start in either Risør or Lillesand.

Thursday - Sunday -3 nights

 You can choose to start your trip in either Risør or Lillesand. If you start in Risør the route will look like this:

  • Thursday: Starts cycling from Risør to Lyngørporten/ Gjeving, where you spend your first night. Approximately 21.6 km or 1.5 hours.
  • Friday you cycle from Gjeving to Arendal and spend the night at the Clarion Hotel Tyholmen. Approximately 46.2 km or about 4 hours.
  • On Saturday you cycle from Arendal to Grimstad, and spend the night at the Scandic Grimstad Hotel. Approximately 24.2 km or 2.5 hours.
  • Sunday you cycle from Grimstad to Lillesand, where the tour ends.Approximately 21 km, 2 to 3 hours depending on the choices.

Directions and time are based on a normal pace, without breaks.

Wednesday - Sunday, 4 nights

As above, but the first or last night is spent at the Lillesand Hotel Norge - depending on your starting point.

Last updated:  2015-04-30
Start your trip in Risør. - Photo: Terje Rakke
Start your trip in Risør.
Spend yout first night at Lyngørporten. - Photo: Terje Rakke
Spend yout first night at Lyngørporten.
Cycling in Arendal. - Photo: Terje Rakke (c) Visit Sørlandet
Cycling in Arendal.
Stop by Strand Hotel Fevik for refreshments. - Photo: Terje Rakke, nordic life
Stop by Strand Hotel Fevik for refreshments.
Cycling in Grimstad harbour. - Photo: Hanne Feyling
Cycling in Grimstad harbour.
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Cycling in Southern Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke, Nordic Life

Biking holiday along the Norwegian Riviera

This summer you can experience Southern Norway's white coastal cities by bike.

Biking holiday along the Norwegian Riviera

Source: Visitnorway


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Biking holiday along the Norwegian Riviera Biking holiday along the Norwegian Riviera