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Ørjan Burøe: SJALU // Olavshallen

Take part in an evening of both laughter and reflection in Ørjan Burøe's fourth stand-up performance, 'Jealous'. This performance is a unique blend of Ørjan's signature humor and deeper reflections on the complex and often serious topic of jealousy. With his ability to arouse laughter while touching heartstrings, Ørjan takes the audience on a journey through the humorous and the more serious sides of jealousy.

He shares personal anecdotes and sharp observations, and sheds light on how jealousy is not only a source of comical misunderstandings, but also a mirror of our innermost insecurities and longings.

This performance invites laughter, but also reflection, and offers a unique perspective on an emotion that affects us all. 'Jealous' is not just a show, but an experience that both entertains and gives insight. Secure a ticket for an evening that balances humor with heartwarming honesty and offers a deeper look at the many faces of jealousy.

External organizer: Artist & Event AS

Last Updated: 12/19/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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