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9 Degrees North, Jacks Funk Youth Big Band - family day at Torvet


We repeat the success from previous years and invite young and old to a rich family day at Torvet on Saturday 11 May at 12:00 - 16:00. There will be concerts and entertainment both on and around Torvscenen, our own New Orleans street parade, various food trucks and lots of other fun! All cultural programs are of course free. Save the date - and welcome to everyone!

Street parade
Torvet at 12:00
With Jazzfest's own parade orchestra!
Trumpeter Sturla Hauge Nilsen has gathered a bunch of young choir talents who play up to the street parade and good atmosphere on Torvet during the family day! There will be life and excitement in true New Orleans style with the young people in the centre!
Sturla Hauge Nilsen - musical director

9 Grader Nord
Torvscenen at 14:00
An explosion of musical colors!
9 Degrees North is an eclectic Tamil folk rock band that draws inspiration from a variety of musical styles - including Carnatic music, baila and Tamil folk music. Known for their energetic, rebellious and confident stage performances, the band incorporates instruments such as the bamboo flute and cajon to create their signature sound.

Since the start in 2017, the band has released two albums and performed at countless prestigious Norwegian festivals and club stages around Norway. Get ready to dance to this unique musical energy bomb!

Mira Thiruchelvam - guitar, flute, vocals
Dipha Thiruchelvam - vocals, guitar, flute
Jakob Sønnesyn - bass
Jakob Sisselson Hamre - percussion

Jacks Funk Youth Big Band
Torvscenen at 15:15
Young favorites who play braid by most!
Jacks Funk Youth Big Band consists of 29 talented musicians with backgrounds from various schools in the Trondheim area. They are all between 15-20 years old - but despite their young age, they already have several years of experience in the funk genre.

Led by Jack Enters, they play modern, groovy and catchy funk with songs by artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Silk Sonic, Ole Børud, The PB Underground and more. Get ready to be impressed!
Jack Enters - musical director

ISAK Dance Company
Kirkebakken - Vår Frue church
Flash Mob!
The young talents from ISAK Dansekompani perform a self-choreographed flash mob dance in concert with the parade orchestra on the church hill outside Vår Frue Kirke. We invite everyone young and old to join us and dance!
Kristine M. G. Dalsbø - instructor, choreographer

Last Updated: 04/03/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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