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ALPHA // Trondheim Fringe 2024

ALPHA is an interactive drag comedy. In this performance, the audience is invited to a course in how to find their inner alpha male and flirt with women. They get to dress up as men, and be drag kings themselves together with the character ALPHA. The performance plays with gender stereotypes, relationships and some men's struggle to find their new role in a more equal society where the position of the sexes in society and in relationships is no longer obvious. Hallem also touches on topics such as misogyny, vulnerability and freedom of expression. The performance is created and performed by Eline Hallem.

Welcome to the night of your life, filled to the brim with humor, satire and big dick energy!
The Drag King ALPHA, invites you to his masterclass in how to pick up women and find your inner ALPHA MALE. Regardless of gender, you will be treated like the man you actually are, and be invited to join the madness of this interactive adventure. You will be given a step by step program for learning to attract the opposite sex and boost your testosterone.
ALPHA is the father figure you never had, the pick up artist your bros could never be and the prophet you never knew you prayed to! He will guide you through these challenging times, where masculinity is under attack, and women have too high standards.

Eline Hallem has created an interesting character, where vulnerability seeps through the cracks of a Jack Sparrow-ish facade of fragile masculinity. This creates a tragicomic depth, and gives us something to sympathize with, behind the singing of Andrew Tate's praises, and shouting at the technicians and his assistant. Hallem is funny and delivers big dick energy - while also commenting on a masculinity in crisis.
- Emma Rolfsnes Sele, Oslo Fringe

Actor and playwright: Eline Hallem
Director and Playwright: Deanna Fleysher
Actor, Alpha's assistant: Joakim Kristoffer Gunby
Producer: Nanna Elisabeth Bertsen
Set designer: Rune Hennum Nilssen
Costume: Sulai Lopez
Props and makeup artist: Leo Thörn
Sound designer and mix: Katarzyna Maria Wieczorek
Lighting design consultant: Eivind Myren
Multi-technician: Ingvild Sandbakk Skjulstad

Last Updated: 03/09/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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