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An evening with Karoline & Sigvart


Karoline Krüger and Sigvart
For the first time, Dagsland is taking its duo concert on tour to the major Norwegian concert stages!

Karoline and Sigvart's collaboration has naturally developed in this intimate format - just the two of them and a grand piano - and now they invite you to a unique musical encounter in concert halls across the country.

The stage is set for an intimate and magnificent evening filled with much-loved classics such as "Ka e du redd for", "Alt eg såg" and "For vår jord":
The best of what they have done individually - and together - as well as a good sprinkling of both Stavanger and Bergen humour, when they go out on
tour in 2024.

Last Updated: 07/22/2024

Source: VisitOSLO as

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