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Anja Skybakmoen | Jazzfest 2024


Anja Skybakmoen
Tribute to Googoosh and Iranian voices

Trondheim vocalist Anja Skybakmoen has a versatile career behind her, both with her own band projects and as a singer in the vocal group Pitsj, to name a few. Now she arrives at Jazzfest with a brand new album in her luggage!

In recent years, Anja has immersed herself in the music and history of the Iranian artist Googoosh, who was one of the biggest artists in Iran before she was silenced when the revolution occurred in 1979. After an appearance in Beat for Beat on NRK, Anja experienced being contacted of people from all over the world who showed their enthusiasm for this music being promoted.

The music on the new album is strongly inspired by the Iranian tradition, and Anja, with her sparkling band, is able to create musical magic at the meeting point between the Nordics and the East. A tribute to Googoosh and all the many beautiful voices, with text in both Norwegian and Persian.

Anja Skybakmoen - vocals
Helge Lien - piano
Aleksander Sjølie - guitar
Håkon Aase - violin
Jonas Barsten - drums

- Age limit 18 years. We practice guardianship forms
- The doors open at 1:30 p.m
- The concert starts at 14:00
- Bill: NOK 350/250 (Jazzfest friend). Prices incl. tax
- Become a Jazzfest friend and get a discount on all our concerts and a number of other benefits! Register here:
- Other practical questions? Read our F.A.Q:

Last Updated: 02/27/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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