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Arild Andersen: LEGEND

Arild Andersen and his stellar team of musicians take the classic "Sagn" to Nidaros Cathedral and Olavsfest! 🎶

"Sagn", written as a commissioned piece for Vossa Jazz in 1990 and released on record the same year, stands as one of the greatest classics in Norwegian jazz.

As in 1990, bassist Arild Andersen has vocalist Kirsten Bråten Berg, guitarist Frode Alnæs and saxophonist Bendik Hofseth with him on the performance. In addition, Helge Lien on keyboards and Thomas Strønen on drums will be at the concert in Nidaros Cathedral on Tuesday 30 July.

🎫 Tickets on sale from Thursday 4 April at 10.00

In 1990, "Sagn" was a groundbreaking work, with its seamless blend of jazz and Norwegian folk music.
Such genre mixes are often in danger of falling into one of two ditches: Either it becomes "jazzy" folk music, or it becomes "jazz in folk music garb". With "Sagn", Arild Andersen, Kirsten Bråten Berg and the excellent musicians showed that there is a third way - a way that showed the art of musical balance at a high level.

"Sagn" was a great success - both the acclaimed concert at Vossa Jazz and the critically acclaimed recording that was released on Kirkelig Kulturverksted and later internationally on ECM.
The album still stands as a pillar, and continues to be a source of inspiration for both jazz and folk musicians across the country. Now you get to experience the work in magnificent surroundings in Nidaros Cathedral itself! 😍

⚠️ Concert starts 23.30, doors open at 23.

Last Updated: 06/11/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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