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Armband consists of people from Ila to Uruguay who have found each other because they work together in the company Arm. Tonight they can be experienced for the first time LIVE at Ila Brainnstasjon.They play classic rock songs, from among others Nirvana, White Stripes, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.Please welcome:Nestor and original gangster Brian Pearson from Canada. Vocalist and hype man.Luis Jalabert Castellanos from Uruguay. Lead guitar with a penchant for long solos.Bendik Brunvoll from Molde. Moving performer with a swinging bass.Bjarne Drotninghaug from Nesna, now Ila. Rhythm guitar and vocals, fond of catchy riffs.Ludvig Lindau from Sweden. Plays drums if he gets beer.Also from Sweden, Joakim Simonsson with a guest performance on keyboard.

Last Updated: 09/01/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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