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Barren Womb-Slippfest "Chemical Tardigrade"

Saturday 13 April.
Doors open 20:00 Support at 21:00.
18 years age limit.

BARREN WOMB with a new record! On 13 April there will be a release party for the glory with fantastic RUN DRY and HEALTHY CHOICES as support. Well met!


Since 2011, the noise rock duo Barren Womb has been raising hell with their minimalist approach, high volume and endless need for experimentation. Here, the point is hammered home with the help of primitive dynamics and the primal power of the riff.

Almost non-stop touring has resulted in hundreds of concerts in Europe and the USA and given Barren Womb a reputation as one of Norway's best live bands. They have four critically acclaimed albums behind them, as well as a handful of EPs and singles, and a new album is expected in February on Fucking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun. "Squat Walker", the album's first single, was released on 10 November and was called a "perfect combination of Refused and Rocket From The Crypt" by American Decibel Magazine.

"Barren Womb's fourth - and best - album is a grubby ashtray of Clutch-like quips, Refused's hardcore splats, Primus-esque wobbliness and, above all, big, stinky riffs"
Metal Hammer UK - 8/10

""Lizard Lounge' is an amazing take on the noise rock genre that is worthy of a spot in even the pickiest of fan's collections"
The Sludgelord

"There must be something in the water over in Norway, because we've been getting some killer hardcore from over there"


Run Dry is a newly established hardcore group with members from Twin Serpent, Lucky Malice, Probleman, Verræderi, Féleth, and Not My Time To Die. The band released from Trondheim's pulsating underground breaks genre boundaries and delivers wonky hardcore with heavy melodic elements in a high-energy package as well as Norway's wildest drumming. Run Dry is currently working towards recording their debut album.


With bangles and ducks, Healthy Choices float contentedly around in the post-punk wave pool.
Inspired by bands such as Pissed Jeans, Viagra Boys, and Single Mothers, adult themes are told in childish ways, and childish themes in even more childish ways.

The band is a fresh composition of members from bands such as Bakrus, This Daze, Karl.I.Fårnia, buy us etc.

Last Updated: 04/03/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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