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Bendik Giske


Breathing improvisation and Berlin techno.

Bendik Giske, award-winning Norwegian saxophonist and composer, and Barker, resident DJ at the legendary Berlin club Berghain, are coming to Håkonshallen with the world premiere of their new project, Disorientations. Giske and Barker share a fondness for European techno culture, with all its collective improvisation and transcendence, and both have left their mark on the club scene in the German capital. 

As an artist, Bendik Giske is known for exploring the outer limits of the instrument and the body, blurring the lines between performance, installation, and music. Extensive use of circular breathing stretches and shapes his compositions and improvisations. It's raw, original, contemplative, and expressive. 

Giske's artistic practice lies at the intersection of art, music, and fashion, often thematizing queerness and corporeality. He has collaborated with art institutions such as MoMA and the Venice Biennale, and in 2022, the Munch Museum had to add extra performances of his performance Not Yet. 

As a musician, DJ, and founder of the label Leisure System, Sam Barker has challenged and expanded the boundaries of dance music in Berlin. With a classical music education as his foundation, he is also an active instrument designer and builder. 

Photo:  Luke Abby


​Please note that the audience for this concert will be standing. Seating is available for those who need it. Please contact

Last Updated: 04/21/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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