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Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra: The Magic Seventh Symphony


How can a single piece of music make us happy enough to dance, passionate enough to shout or touched enough to sit completely still? Come and find out, as Øyvind Bjorå, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and others play and discuss what is probably Beethoven's most boisterous, brilliant and rip-roaring symphony: the Seventh. It's almost impossible to hear Beethoven's Seventh and not feel the urge to move. When the composer himself led the first performance of the work in 1808, he jumped into the air from the conductor's podium (probably at the point where the score asks the orchestra to play 'louder than is possible'). The symphony's muscular dance rhythms, brilliant orchestration, relentless intensity and furious energy are guaranteed to get the entire family's pulse racing. The concept was developed in collaboration with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra & Opera. Photo: Ole Wuttudal

Last Updated: 09/26/2023

Source: Visit Bergen

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