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Bergen Strykekvartett i Nykirken

Dvořák composed his 12th string quartet in a matter of weeks while on holiday in Spillville, Iowa, in 1893. It received its premiere on New Year's Day the following year, in Boston, by the Kneisel Quartet. The most popular and famous of his quartets the music allegedly captures Dvorak's upbeat mood at the time. It's a quartet with a bright, rural feel most eloquently expressed in birdsong. The 1st movement feels like a beautiful, fresh, spring morning, full of melodic invention, with its gorgeous opening tremolos giving way to that beguiling first melody, which is passed around the quartet. This is the longest movement but barely a note is wasted and with its pizzicato in the background and more introspective second theme the first movement feels like musical perfection. The 2nd movement is deeply moving and possibly one of my favourites of any quartet ever written. It feels nostalgic but not melancholy and Dvorak's incredibly catchy melodies are immense and deeply moving.
The third movement Scherzo features the song of the red-eyed vireo (not the scarlet tanager as previously thought), a bird that Dvořák heard and transcribed the song of. There's a bouyant, rustic theme, then the first violin plays the birdsong in high register. It's a definite feel-good movement with its light, airy textures. The finale, vivace, ma non troppo, conjures up visions of an open landscape, nature, new adventure and gives a feeling of great vibrancy. Such a fine, fun ending to this masterpiece of the genre.

The Bergen String Quartet

The Bergen String Quartet was founded in 2022 and consists of Alexander Kagan, Lars Magnus Steinum, Liene Klava and Pierre Doumenge. After working together for several years at the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra they decided to work together also as a string quartet. They are all passionate about the string quartet repertoire and are looking forward to explore new material together. With backgrounds from Norway, France and eastern-Europe they wish to represent their respective home countries culture in addition to playing the most famous repertoire of this genre. Through the members wide experience and network they are looking forward to hosting festivals at home in Norway and internationally and, in time, also make new acquaintances with composers and arrangers. With their home base in Bergen, Norway, they aim to perform works by famous Norwegian composers as well as working together with contemporary composers through commissions and recordings. Since they started the quartet have performed several concerts in Bergen and collaborated with local composers such as Ørjan Matre and Jostein Stalheim.

Historically there have been two other string quartets with the same name, with the last from 1954-58 under leadership of the then present chief conductor of the Bergen Philharmonic, Carl von Garaguly.

Last Updated: 05/24/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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