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Beyond The Gates


As an extreme metal festival, Beyond the Gates arose from the ashes of the cult Hole in the Sky festival in 2013. Renowned for curating some of the best lineups in extreme metal has grown into a favorite summer event for heavy music fans all over the globe. 

The festival will take place for four days across multiple venues, including USF Verftet, Kulturhuset, and the legendary Grieghallen, where many seminal Norwegian black metal albums were recorded in the 90s.

Beyond the Gates experience

In addition to this massive extreme metal event, Beyond the Gates offers attendees unique and exciting opportunities to explore Norwegian and black metal culture in this historic city!

For years, fans have been flocking to Bergen to experience their favorite Norwegian artists in their home environment. Nature and local culture has always been a poignant source of inspiration for the bands emerging from the Bergen scene.

Beyond the Gates will make a great effort to give all the traveling fans a unique insight into all aspects of the Norwegian Metal scene and the local culture in general. In that regard, the festival hosts will be putting together a series of events so that fans can enhance and build on the Beyond the Gates Experience, including guided tours, art exhibitions, a tattoo festival, and more that will be revealed soon!

Last Updated: 01/18/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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