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BFK | 02.06.2024 | BERGENSPREMIERE | Hoard (2023)

Young Maria and her mother find magic and wonder amidst a labyrinth of trash, set to a vibrant backdrop of South East London. Their home presents a playground of unimpeded imagination with no story too bold nor adventure too daring, that is until tragedy intervenes. Now in her late teens, Maria finds herself in foster care, finished with high school and without a sense of direction. News of her mother's passing reaches Maria, sparking her childhood to resurface and blossom into her adult life.      

Luna Carmoon's debut feature echoes its main character; unrestrained, uninhibited, and remarkably unconventional. Hoard, like Carmoon's previous short films, are premised on her, drawing on what Carmoon describes as "the mythology of her own memories." For a self taught filmmaker, Carmoon presents an intriguing biography rife with an emotional intensity bordering hysteria. The film is undeniably evocative, and one that is actively attempting to reconcile grief and childhood traumas in the present.

Last Updated: 05/24/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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