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BFK | 28.04.2024 | 'HONG SANG-SOO'-HELAFTEN | Tale of Cinema (2005) + The Novelist's Film (2022) + In Our Day (2023)

Hong Sang-soo has been a main staple on the film festival scene for decades, yet he has never had a breakthrough in Norway. Since his debut in 1996, he has directed 30 features, 25 of which have come from his own production company which he started in 2005- While the films he directed before 2005 are excellent in their own right, the release of Tale of Cinema can be seen as a turning point where he truly found his voice, mode of production, and prolific output.

When Hong is able to release three films at three festivals in one year (2017), it is because of said mode of production. He doesn't write traditional scripts, but rather writes scenes before sunrise, which he then shoots throughout the day with his ensemble of familiar actors and assistants. While sometimes reductively compared to Eric Rohmer ("he makes the same film every year"), Hong's use of repetition, bifurcated and mirrored narratives "provides a clear structure," as Dennis Lim puts it in his excellent book Tale of Cinema (2022). It is through this structure that these three films play off one another in sharp and insightful ways, never giving way to pretension, but rather a warm embrace. Nobody uses alcohol (Soju) in the same way as Hong (actors are often inebriated on set), nor does anyone use the camera as a direct tool of expression of love for cats either.

Last Updated: 04/12/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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