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BFK | 29.04.2024 | ARBEIDERNES DAG | Part-Time Work of a Domestic Slave (1973)

Alexander Kluge, who is most known for being an academic, started to make films when Theodor W. Adorno told him to do so in the 1950s.

In Domestic Slave, Roswitha (Alexandra Kluge) runs an illegal abortion clinic through which she supports her entire family. When the clinic is shut down, Roswitha is tossed into a world of political and social activism. Didactic in its Marxist approach, Kluge makes sure it never feels more preachy or moralizing than the subject matter demands.

Content warning: The film contains an explicit abortion scene that certain viewers might find disturbing &/or distressing

Last Updated: 04/13/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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