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BFUng 10 år. Skjebnesymfonien


Jan Willem de Vriend conducts the Bergen Philharmonic Youth Orchestra in the most iconic symphony ever written.

Beethoven railed against fate in his Symphony No. 5, its famous ‘da da da daaaa’ opening capturing ideals of fortitude, defiance and bravery in an instant. Beethoven’s Fifth remains one of classical music’s essential experiences.

But there is far more to this concert than Beethoven at his most revolutionary. Before we head to Vienna, we are in Italy. After the cheeky, bombastic and feel-good overture Rossini wrote for his comic opera The Thieving Magpie.

And how often do you get to hear a concerto for the lowest stringed instrument, the double bass? Star Korean bassist and recoring artist Mikyung Sung (photo: Woo Young) is the soloist in the operatic, virtuosic and surprisingly charming concerto by the so-called ‘Paganini of the Double Bass’, Giovanni Bottesini.

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Last Updated: 05/25/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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