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Bigbang with Tigerstate and Kor E Gutta

More than any other time of the year, December is the month of traditions, redoing things with friends becomes extra meaningful as Christmas approaches.

For many, that includes a concert with Bigbang. Already in 2006, Øystein Greni & co had their first pre-Christmas meeting with the public at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, and it wasn't long before other cities were also visited during the advent season. They have continued to do so since, with the exception of two closed years during the pandemic. 2023 will be no exception.

This time the guys also have a new album in their luggage, "Le Californie" was released before the summer and contains a bunch of new live favorites such as "Cowboyboots and Speedos" and "Dogtown Boys". A long festival summer culminated in August at Øyafestivalen where Bigbang gave everything they had together with good friends, to rave reviews in the press. In December, they take the good energy from there with them and embark on another round in Norway before Christmas, this time they also have the eminent band Tigerstate and Kor E Gutta as support.

"Bigbang is a treasure, a primordial force in Norwegian rock's time, which in its best moments draws large crowds with pure energy and public appeal(...)It is simply one of the best things we have ever seen from Bigbang." (Dagsavisen about the concert at Øyafestivalen 12 August, dice roll 6)

Doors: 19.00
CC: NOK 450

Last Updated: 09/30/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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