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Bitchy Big Boobies Bang Band // Habitat


Bitchy Big Boobies Bang Band is a colorful band from Hemnesberget. They are all related and are siblings, cousins and third cousins (upgraded to cousins). They love De Syngende Husmødre and their music, but also cover newer music and write their own songs.

"Few if any bands spread so much joy and humor at the same time as lyrics and performance are taken seriously and seriously, simply well-balanced craftsmanship from this rather unique band consisting of 7 girls from Hemnesberget" says Mona Henriksen 4/4".

Between the songs, they offer stories and lots of humour. "Bitchy Big Boobies Bang Band is our "sewing club" and we have eventually experienced a lot of fun together, and we are happy to share these stories with those who want to listen. We often hear from the audience that it looks like we're having fun both on and off stage, and that goes well with our philosophy: As long as we're in a team! We have a goal to spread joy when we get to come out and play for others - BBBBB".

The band consists of: Trine Lise Bang Mulstad - Vocals and ukulele, Trine Bang Skreslett - Vocals, guitar and accordion, Lise Bang Nilsen - Vocals and guitar, Katrine Bang Sjåvik - Vocals and bass, Anne Bang Smalsundmo - Vocals and baritone, Grete Bang - Vocals and banjo, Lone Bang Smalsundmo – Cajon

Last Updated: 04/02/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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