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Black Debbath 25 years // Byscenen

Birthday invitation
What: Black Debbath's 25th anniversary concert.
Where: At your venue
When: Autumn 2024
Attire: Rough rock clothes

Dear audience!
You are hereby invited to buy a ticket to Black Debbath's anniversary concert.
There will be a grand celebration of their long career, with both games and entertainment. The best and most timeless songs from nine studio albums will be performed (did anyone say "problems inside the Right"?), and it will be possible to bring valuables to the large gift table.

Activities include sack races, blind goats and hole in the hat. The anniversary album 'Vortkast hard rock vol. 1 (The first 25 years)' is released on the occasion of the anniversary. It will contain a carefully curated selection of rarities, previously unavailable in physical format (or at all). In addition, they put on a couple of brand new songs for the occasion.

Everyone who comes to the birthday celebration will get (buy) one home.

Answers are requested by 29 November
Greetings Black Debbath and Byscenen

Last Updated: 05/03/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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