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Casiokids // Byscenen

Time for Casiokids!

After a 10-year siesta in the rainforest, the legendary Bergen band makes a triumphant return to the concert stage!
The razor-sharp new album Tid For Hjem will be released in autumn 2024 on Jansen Records and will be followed up with a selection of highly anticipated club concerts:

An elevated stage show with ingredients such as giant puppets, shadow theatre, various animal costumes and various visual and musical antics made Casiokids one of the very few bands that managed to combine Norwegian lyrics with international success. Now they are finally back with brand new new music, and the distinctive western electropop sounds fresher and more impactful than ever!

The first taste of the upcoming album comes in the form of a delicious double single consisting of the irresistible and danceable Brunsniggelen, as well as the nearly 8-minute long hypnotic and euphoric title track Tid For Hjem.

Casiokids himself says about the two songs:
- Choosing just one song as the first single when we've waited so long just felt a bit wrong. Casiokids used to release double singles on vinyl in the past, so considering the times we live in now, where everyone wants everything at once, it was only fitting to release at least two songs.

The brown snail strikes a blow for good, old empathy and tolerance. The fact that you have to tolerate that someone is different from you, being able to give people a chance without pre-judging, and that you don't have to be mean to people who are mean. Tid For Hjem is about realizing that it is time to go home. An eight-minute tribute to the party's repetitive joys and sorrows.

Cult favorites such as Fot I Hose, Verdens Største Land and Finn Bikkjen, critically acclaimed albums at home and abroad, and over 1,000 concerts at festivals, clubs and backyard parties all over the world made the band in its time a global underground phenomenon that thrilled audiences with its euphoric, emotional , percussion-infested and highly danceable electropop.

Tickets go on sale on Monday 15 April!

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Ordinary: NOK 310 + tax
Student: NOK 240 + avg.
The doors open at 8 p.m
Concert start at 21.00
Standing concert
More info:

Last Updated: 04/11/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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