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Ceremonia Nidrosiae pt. III // BYSCENE

Six carefully selected bands, a record fair like last time, exclusive merch, a venue with three floors with food, bars and hand picked music and DJ’s, in addition to art and cultural happenings of interest and relevance to the city and festival.
We will take what we've learned so far and make everything a tad better, without compromising the concept of the festival. We strive to present to you the best contemporary Black Metal bands, in a city we are proud to live in, and offer you more than 'just' the music. This festival should be an experience for both bands, as well as you; the fans.

The lineup;
VEMOD and WHOREDOM RIFE; two juggernauts in the Norwegian Black Metal scene, will headline Caerimonia Nidrosiæ, 10th/11th January, 2025!
In addition, we will see a band like ASKEREGN do their first ever show, something we dared not even dream of happening until recent events!
The elusive and mysteriious SORTILEGIA will fly in exclusively all the way from Canada to do their first show in aeons, and not to mention DARK SONORITY returning to stage for the first time in over 7 years!
Last, but not least, the knuckled fingers of RITUAL DEATH will perform their Black ritualistic Metal of Death for the second time ever in our hometown of Trondheim, NIDAROS!



We welcome you all back to the third chapter of this ceremony at ByScenen; one of Trondheims oldest and most professional venues straight in the middle of Nidaros, which offers everything you need so you can stay from opening hour till closing time.


Pris: festivalpass: 750,- + avg. / dagspass: 430,- + avg.
Aldersgrense: 18
Dørene åpner kl. 19.00
Konsertstart kl. 20.00
Mer info:

Last Updated: 03/12/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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