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Chris Holsten, one of Norway's most popular artists, is coming to Olavsfest and Borggården. He also has shooting star Emelie Hollow with him! 😍🎶

When Olavsfest held a guessing competition on Facebook before Christmas in connection with our first release to Borggården, an overwhelming majority answered precisely Chris Holsten. That is why we are extra happy to be able to give this particular concert to our dear audience - undoubtedly a long-awaited artist! 

The charming 30-year-old from Lillestrøm has sung his way into the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Norwegians of all ages with gold songs such as "Smile in your own mirror", "Let your heart beat", "Only when it rains", "Go be happy , you" and "If the world". 

The crowd loves Chris Holsten. Just a few days ago, he played a triumphant concert in front of 10,000 fans in a packed Oslo Spektrum, a grand finale to the launch tour for the album "Go be happy, du".

- Getting to play an arena concert in Oslo Spektrum once was great. To be able to do it again, just over a year later, is almost a little unreal. It is something very special to stand on stage in the mighty hall and hear the audience sing along, says Chris.

Chris Holsten has twice won the Spellemannpris for "song of the year", first together with Frida Ånnevik for "If the world" in 2020, then the following year for "Smilet in your own mirror". In 2021 he also won P3 Gold as "artist of the year" and for "song of the year". He also won the Music Publishing Prize in 2022 for "work of the year in popular music".

Together with his eminent band, Chris is ready to create a good atmosphere with a high sing-along factor when they embark on the festival summer of 2024.
- We still have the Spektrum concert bubbling in our blood and can hardly wait until the summer. Getting to travel around and play, sing and dance with people at festivals is always a highlight for me.


Before Chris Holsten takes the stage, the audience gets to experience an artist who is really about to become everyone's property. Emelie Hollow (25) from Vinterbro in Ås is currently impressing as an interpreter of other people's songs in the popular TV program "Hver gang vi møtes" on TV2. There she sings with goosebumps and tears in the corners of her eyes both at the other artists around the table and people at home in the TV rooms. Emelie Hollow excels with a distinctive, lovely voice that has been described as "a cross between Marit Larsen and Robyn".

After releasing her first EP in 2019, Emelie released her debut album "Half The Story" in 2021. The album consisted of three chapters about the different emotional phases of a love breakup. Many people got excited, including Aftenposten, which in its review ventured the claim that Emelie Hollow "could quickly become our next big pop export".


Last Updated: 06/11/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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