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Christmas concert with Ensemble Rex


Ensemble Rex invites you to their lovely Christmas concert Tre konger kom fra Østerland ("Three kings came from East"). Get into the real Christmas spirit by hearing these beautiful men's voices in harmony! Ensemble Rex was started in autumn 2020 as a new choir of professional caliber. The choir is a male choir for young adults whose ambition is to be an arena where young male singers can develop further. The choir's members largely consist of singers studying at the various institutions in Norway, who are in the process of taking the step to become professional singers. By having a range from fully trained singers to young people as young as 18, singers in Ensemble Rex will learn from each other and be given a supportive environment where, at the same time, high demands are placed on independent responsibility and efficient work. All the singers in Rex receive individual vocal follow-up of the highest quality to ensure correct and safe further development of the voice. The choir is led by conductor Jon Berg Eriksen, and the singers are taught by Matthew Marriott.

Last Updated: 05/16/2023

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