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Concert with Auntie G @ Fana Kulturhus


Welcome to a concert with Auntie G, the artist from Bergen who combines guitar-driven rock with heartache country. Over the past few years, Gjertrud Coutinho has delighted us with music that has gained attention both nationally and internationally. In 2023, she was nominated in the category "Best International Female" at the Radio WigWam Awards in England.

For the past two years, she has been collaborating with Swedish guitarist and producer Markus Kinell. Together, they have released a number of singles and an EP in the "orchestral hard rock" genre. The concert will feature a selection of these songs along with some of her earlier country tracks.

Through the small talk between songs and the personal, inspiring lyrics, Auntie G takes you on a journey through life's ups and downs. It's all about being together. As people and fellow humans. Be inspired and let the music bring us together.

As she says in one of her songs: "It's not about the final goal, but who you meet along the road."

Joining her in "Småsalen" this evening are:

Ulf Skjoldhammer on guitar, Johannes Melbøe on guitar/accordion/keys, Trond Håkon Sandvoll on bass, and Ole Ekroll on drums.

Fana Kulturhus is located in Nesttun, right by the Bybanen Light Rail stop Nesttun sentrum.

Price NOK 250, including ticket fee.

We want everyone to have the same opportunity to experience and participate in our concerts regardless of finances. We are happy that you want to see us and ask no questions if you need a free ticket. Choose "Add promo code" before clicking on the number and type of ticket. Enter the promo code Fribillett. Then proceed with the choice Ticket with promo code.

If you would like to contribute, we would be very happy for anyone who shares photos or videos from the concert on social media, streams the music, or tells others about the concert experience.

A warm welcome to YOU!

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Last Updated: 07/22/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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