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Trondhjems Kunstforening

Dag Arve Forbergskog: In Valid

  • Bispegata 9A, Trondheim
  • 90729133
  • November 10, 2016 - December 11, 2016
  •  /  12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  •  /  Price NO
  • (12 Upcoming Dates)

Welcome to the opening of Dag-Arve Forbergskogs ”In Valid” on Thursday 10.11, @ 19 on the 1st floor @ Trondhjems Kunstforening.

The exhibition will last until 11.12. Opening hours of the gallery: Thursdays 16.00-20, Friday-Sunday 12-16.00.

Dag-Arve Forbergskog (b. 1962) is an artist who pauses where most people keep walking. He is an artist who is inclined to jump off the train before it arrives at its destination as he is somehow attracted to those abandoned areas near train stations, areas that the train just passes through. He sees the value of that which has been defined as worthless. He sees the beauty of that which has been defined as ugly. An object that has been cast aside has a charm of its own, it is genuine, and not just that. That which has been cast aside exists in a field of tension, in an inconspicuous state of transition, not only with respect to time and place, but also with respect to condition. In this field, where rejected objects are in a fleeting process between what they once were, what they are at present and what they will become, Forbergskog finds a point of departure for his art. In the exhibition room these rejected materials and objects have become art. And as such, they have been deemed worthy of our scrutiny. As art, they are even allowed to be looked at with an aesthetic gaze. Art societies, art museums and galleries are locations where one enters with an attitude to reality that differs from the one that characterizes our everyday life. It is already accepted that art suggests other ways of perception. One enters these places with the intention of spending time studying something carefully, experiencing something new. These are places where one takes a break from everyday routines and habits, habits that normally do not involve pausing and seeing. (Excerpt from the catalogue text by Rebeka Helena Blikstad) Welcome to the opening!

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Trondheim, Norway
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Dag Arve Forbergskog: In Valid
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