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deLillos & TSO

How will it sound when one of Norway's most legendary rock bands is accompanied by languishing strings, trilling woodwinds, powerful brass and a whole arsenal of timpani and tamtam? You'll get the answer next summer when deLillos and TSO rush off, strut in their pajamas and soar over the city in wild unison and with a violent thump!

deLillos has been one of the country's most important pop and rock bands for almost 40 years, and they have regularly delivered quality both lyrically, musically and creatively. They have been uncompromising in their expression and faithful to their universe, while at the same time challenging the creative both when it comes to format and content. The deLillos show with their latest album "Evige dager" that they are still vital and important, and the album received rave reviews when it was released in January 2022.

The concert goes on sale on 15 November.

Last Updated: 11/10/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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