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Drawing - landscape

What you will learn:drawing techniquescoal techniquesinfo about equipmentthe perspective of a landscapeUseful knowledge you can use in other paintings later! Bring:pencils both dry and wet (2H-4B)coalrubberpaper 120 grfixativ sprayrulerYou can buy all of this at Østerlie, tell them you are attending a course here and you will get 10% off. NB: the entrance is around the corner, you will see a painted sign. Please come 15 min before, because the course will start precisely. On this course there is free coffee, tea, soda and a lollipop or two to have during the course, here you should feel like at home You can regret the purchase within 48 hours by sending us an email at snillja@gmail.com, and get the money refunded. After this, you have the opportunity to save the purchase to use at another course with us.

Last Updated: 09/12/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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