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Ecstatic Dance på RAW Dance Studio


🌟 Free your body and mind! 🌟
Welcome to Ecstatic Dance at RAW Dance Studio with DJ Hi-Lo and dance artist Anna Thu Schmidt – a free form movement journey that allows you to explore and express your own dance and be your true self!

You will be gently guided into the dance, where you can explore everything from tranquility to ecstatic movements in a safe environment, either alone or interacting with others. Turn inward and let the music played by DJ Hi-Lo inspire your free movements. Each session begins and ends with a guided meditation and a sharing circle. Ecstatic Dance is a conscious dance event, an alcohol and drug-free place open to everyone from the age of 16.

After a 2-hour session there is space and time for relaxation and bodywork and to hang out and have tea together. This afterglow lasts until 21:00.

👥 About the Hosts 👥
Anna Thu Schmidt is a dance artist with a passion for interdisciplinary projects, site-specific performances, and integrated dance, now based in Trondheim after living in Germany, the Netherlands, and Indonesia. She leads ImproDans Trondheim and Contemporary Dance for Adults, offering workshops in contact improvisation and running PRAXIS Trondheim for artistic movement practices.

Tomas 'Hi-Lo' Vikeland is the heart behind RAW Dance Studio in Trondheim, where he unites rhythm and movement to build community. A regular practitioner of dance, yoga, and meditation, Hi-Lo is also a DJ known for his vibrant sets at private parties and local events, promoting music and dance as powerful healing tools.

🌀 What is Ecstatic Dance? 🌀
Ecstatic Dance is a unique form of dance movement that has grown in popularity worldwide. This dance style is free from structured steps and focuses instead on spontaneous movement and self-expression. Participants are encouraged to dance freely to a variety of music, which often includes everything from electronic dance music to world music and ambient sounds. What makes Ecstatic Dance special is that it is a mobile-free, drug-free and conversation-free zone, meaning participants are expected to avoid talking during the dance. This creates an environment where people can delve deeper into their own movement and experience without external distractions.

The concept behind Ecstatic Dance is to provide a safe and supportive arena where individuals can explore and express themselves through their bodies, without fear of judgment or the need to conform to social norms. This has made Ecstatic Dance a popular choice not only for dance enthusiasts but also for those seeking personal growth and a deeper connection.

📸 Poster photo by: Arne Hauge

Last Updated: 05/12/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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