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Erland Cooper


Music that has been buried underground for two years.

In 2021, the Scottish composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper buried the only recording of his first classical album somewhere in the Orkney Islands. All digital files were deleted. Instead, he published a sort of treasure map online, encouraging anyone interested to search for the album he had planted in the earth. 

"At that point I will release the unearthed tape and share it back into our digital world. Along with some great musicians I'll try to re-perform it live exactly as it sounds from the earth," Cooper stated. 

Last year, the tape was literally dug up, and in March, Carve The Runes Then Be Content With Silence will be available to the public. 

Cooper has previously been called "nature's songwriter" (The Guardian) and explorer of "the place where electronic and classical music can co-habit" (The Quietus). He has previously released five solo albums, in addition to several records with the British band The Magnetic North. The music is inspired by the nature and landscape around his childhood home in Stromness, Orkney, and contains traces of ambient, Celtic folk music, and classical music. 

Photo: Samuel Davies

Last Updated: 04/13/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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