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Exhibition Manneraak // Kunstpunkt Lista


Welcome to the opening of the Manneraak exhibition at Lista Fyr.

The artist Manneraak has traveled the world over the last three years with his exhibition "Norwegian Hallucinations". First with a big show in Chelsea in New York, then with an exhibition in one of Rome's best galleries and last in Cannes during the film festival.

The motifs are derived from the Norwegian nature and especially from the Lista landscape that the artist appreciates very high. "The light, the beaches and the rough weather inspire me, Lista is a very special place, unlike anything else I've experienced on my travels around the world," says the artist.

See links to the exhibits here: New York: http://www.svaart.com/2618112-exhibition-in-canoe-studios Rome: http://www.svaart.com/4006411-exhibithion-in-28-piazza-di-pietra Cannes: http://www.svaart.com/3560108-cannes

Manneraak has a merit list as a famous fashion photographer with major international brands and magazines on the customer list. When he decided to develop in the direction of art five years ago, he took the aesthetics of fashion photography and experimented with a very special technique. The basis is photographs that are processed using techniques such as paint and rissing, and then transferred to a special metal paper or a thick plastic paper. Feedback from the international art world has been that the expression has a distinctive character and is very innovative. This has also led Manneraak art to become a popular investment item that sells very well.

In addition to works from recent years, Manneraak will present some special works made of aluminum from Alcoa. "This is an exciting collaboration with Alcoa, which I appreciate very highly. I've always focused on environment and sustainable development. And that's why it's rewarding to work with this material." 75% of all world aluminum is in use today, because it is 100% reusable. 95% of all aluminum boxes are melted and we see this in relation to the huge disaster that plastic is for our environment. For the world's ocean aluminum is a very good solution. In addition, aluminum produced at Alcoa is mostly based on renewable energy from hydropower, which makes this aluminum particularly valuable in an environmental perspective.

The artist himself will be present at the opening.

Welcome to Lista and welcome to Manneraak exhibition!

  • Last Updated: 11/23/2017
  • Source: Lister Reiseliv

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Exhibition Manneraak // Kunstpunkt Lista
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