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Farm visit with traditional Norwegian lunch


Visit a traditional Northern Norwegian farm and have homemade food from good Norwegian ingredients served.

Yggdrasil farm is a Northern Norwegian farm, on a small scale. The farm has been in the same family since the 18th century and we are keen to preserve the history. We are proud of our kitchen at Yggdrasiltunet were we only make homemade food from good Norwegian ingredients. We make all food from good ingredients, meat and fish are produced by the farm. We cook from scratch and are proud to serve Norwegian, traditional homemade food, but we are also pleased to offer tasty vegetarian food and raw food.

We do agriculture and animal husbandry, as they did in the old days. Our animals go in and out of the barn freely, and live a free and good life. The farm is organic, and so are the products we produce. Old Norwegian spelsau is the Norwegian primordial sheep, it has been in Norway since the Viking Age, and is a lovely sheep in temperament and quality. Our animals are very tame and appreciate human contact. You are welcome to enter the enclosure to visit the animals.

The tour includes a visit to the farm, homemade lunch, traditional Norwegian waffle with brown cheese and coffee. You will also get to taste the Viking drink Mjød, which is a sweet white wine made from herbs and honey. It is also possible to rent a room at Yggdrasiltunet.

You are most welcome

IMPORTANT! Transportation is not included in this tour. We offer private transport to the farm from the city center or the airport, Private transportation require minimum two people.

Price from the airport: NOK 990 (for the minimum two people), an additional NOK 400 for any additonal person.

Price from the city center: NOK 1200 (for the minimum two people), an additional NOK 450 for any additonal person.

Alternatively, the public regional bus route number 420 departs Prostneset Bus- and Ferry terminal in Tromsø Monday-Friday, unfortunately not during the weekend. Bakkejord - Solvang is the stop for Yggdrasiltunet farm.

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

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