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What is black? Is black a colour, a mixture of all colours, or the absence of light? This exhibition presents artists who are all concerned with the colour black, with Pierre Soulages as its starting point.

The French painter Pierre Soulages (1919–2022) worked methodically throughout the 1960s and 1970s to develop a distinctive black painting he called "outrenoir" or "beyond black". He saw the colour black as both a colour and a non-colour, and he explored the relationship between black and light. Sonja Henie and Niels Onstad both collected and were personal friends with Soulages. They bought seven works for the collection. The most recent work, from 1983, was donated by the artist himself. In line with the Henie Onstad Collection’s focus point, the artworks are from the post-war period until today. This is also the period when black became particularly prominent in art.

Parallels are drawn to Soulages' contemporaries in the collection, such as Hans Hartung and Karel Appel, and to Norwegian artists who have been preoccupied with the colour black, such as Anna-Eva Bergman, Olav Strømme and Per Inge Bjørlo. Other artists relate to the colour through shades, as in Ann Cathrin November Høibo's textiles made in greyscale in wool. In Kåre Kivijärvi's photographs, black is deliberately highlighted through various darkroom techniques, while for Rafiki, black has content that is about far more than just colour.

Last Updated: 04/26/2024

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

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