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First level course to sea kayaking


Learn all about sea kayaking with our weekend course!

The participant is introduced to the kayak and the equipment. After completing the course, the participant has learned to use a kayak, oar, pull and vest through simple practical exercises. In addition, the participant is familiar with simple safety routines and exercises, as well as how to effectively maneuver the kayak.

Lift, carry, launch and enter the kayak
Efficient forward paddling
Backward paddling and stop
Lateral movement of the kayak
Low support ceiling
Steering cover (rear)
Turn (sweep roof and steering roof)
Securing the kayak after disembarking
Rescue techniques
Injury prevention
Planning a simple trip to be carried out
General safety and basic seamanship
General information about outdoor activities and the right of the public
Trackless traffic

important information
Each participant must be able to swim 50 metres.
The course is conducted with a minimum of four people. If we do not reach this minimum, we will contact you and either reschedule you for another date or refund the full amount

NPV wet card with the base rate wafer.

Last Updated: 05/06/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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