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FOMA - Fornebu Music & Arts Festival


6–7 June 2024. A festival filled with music, art and culinary experiences.

Fornebu Music and Arts Festival (FOMA) will be held at Fornebu 6-7 June 2024.

FOMA will be held in one of Oslofjord's most beautiful festival areas in early summer at Sjøflyhavna at Fornebu. Welcome to a festival filled with music, art and culinary experiences. The atmosphere at FOMA is electric, and with glorious sunshine and 30 degrees, the 2023 festival was a fantastic experience. Matoma said it best: "This is the closest you'll get to Coachella!"

On FOMA's two stages, you'll get to see established and up-and-coming artists, from both home and abroad. The festival has a large selection of both food and drink, with its own wine universe where you can taste different grapes from all corners of the world. Perhaps you'll also find your new favourite artist among the art exhibitions in the area.

FOMA is more than just a music festival. The festival is built around entertainment, art, food and drink. With exciting new and recognised artists, the audience will have access to art that they won't experience anywhere else. In addition, they have a strong focus on food and drink.

Last Updated: 05/06/2024

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