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Glowing Kayak Tour

Paddling in the evening along the canal Nidelven!

This is a unique and magical experience that everyone should experience once in their lifetime! By paddling through the city at night, you will discover how beautiful the Nidelven is when the water reflects the light from the evening life in Trondheim. In addition to experiencing Trondheim "by night" from a kayak perspective, LED lights on the kayak will light up the water around you.

This tour is recommended for everyone. Experience something you didn't think existed in your own city! The group is accompanied by one of our experienced paddling instructors.

The tour starts and ends at Skansen, so it can be combined with a visit to a local restaurant!

Included in the price;
- Kayak, oars and all necessary safety equipment
- Headlamp and LED systems for kayaks
- Experienced paddling instructor
- Suit

Last Updated: 10/12/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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