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Guest lecturers from Ukraine

Fremmedspråksenteret and Østfold University College are happy to welcome two guest lecturers from Kharkiv Pedagogical University, Ukraine, in Halden. Please join us on campus or online! For zoom link go to the website: https://www.hiof.no/fss/om/aktuelt/arrangementer/sprakfestival-2023-ukraina.htmlYaroslava Sazonova: The Effects of Postcolonial Consciousness in Horror LiteratureLiliia Kornilieva: Linguistic and Stylistic Peculiarities of Johnny Weir`s Public DiscourseDette arrangementet er en del av: Sju dager med språk - Språkfestival og arrangeres av Fremmedspråksenteret.

Last Updated: 09/12/2023

Source: Halden Turist

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