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Gundelach's melancholic pop-noir has earned him a fan base both in Norway and abroad.

His vulnerable falsetto vocals combined with electric guitar have led to three Spellemann nominations, and his live concerts are characterised as a poignant journey through several genres.

This evening will be his only show, and he will be presenting new works that reflect his musical experimentation over the past few years. Old songs will also be played in a new wrapping. The concert will explore the harmonious connection between different styles of music, with instruments and synths taking centre stage alongside the artist himself.

Gundelach is known for his ability to blend seemingly contradictory musical styles into something remarkable. Creating a fluid transition between club music, ambient music and country, he adds a richness and depth to the soundscape that makes his concerts both special and memorable. With a strong background in electronic music and an experimental approach, he creates experiences that seamlessly unite music genres, giving the audience a unique musical journey through "Spiralling".

Last Updated: 07/20/2024

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