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Håndgemeng + Suncraft + Kraken Mare


The lobby, Friday 3 May. Håndgemeng + Suncraft + Kraken Mare. Doors open 20:00 - Concert starts at 21:00. 18 years age limit.

Håndgemeng: Heavy doom 'n' roll from Oslo and the surrounding area. If you mix the classic rock from the 70s with the heavier stoner doom from the 90s and a bit of hardcore on top of it all, Håndgemeng rises out of the pot. Riff after riff, Håndgemeng will break all genre boundaries and take you from the deepest Hell to the farthest cosmos, join occult rituals and cosmic adventures.

While the world stood still, Håndgemeng wrote and recorded their debut album "Ultraritual" and soon after got a record deal with American Ripple Music, which is one of the world's leading record companies within stoner, doom, heavy psych and heavy rock. This record consists of eight songs that take you on a journey through time and space, and into the occult.

Suncraft: From the underground in Oslo, Suncraft emerges, with their heavy, desert rock-inspired rock n' roll. Without gimmicks and with the somewhat postmodern "anything goes" attitude, they play an unpredictable riff bonanza of a repertoire. The songs take sidesteps and twists with influences from rock's many subgenres, tied together in watertight compositions. Their lyrical universe explores themes of conspiracy and loneliness in an exploratory and wondering style. Let Suncraft slowly waltz you into their soulful, playful rock world!

Since the band was founded in late 2017, Suncraft has played extensively on club stages in Norway. The goal has been simple: to play explosively energetic live shows that are impossible not to be carried away by. In March 2020, only months after releasing their first EP, Saigon, the concerts came to an abrupt and unexpected end. While culture-Norway was bleeding, the band tried to turn the shutdown into something positive, by focusing all their energies on songwriting. The result was the debut album, Flat Earth Rider, which was released during the summer of 2021. Suncraft is currently working on its second album of new songs, and it is quite possible that samples from the new record will appear.

Kraken Mare is a newly started trio consisting of members with backgrounds from the Trondheim bands Heroinne and Juicer. The music style can be described as a natural mix of these two bands, or in other words riff-driven stoner rock with some tempo.


Last Updated: 04/03/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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