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Håsong Festival

June 29th a small art festival (Håsong) takes place at the beautiful village of Hosanger outside of Bergen. At Hosanger you can experience performance art, art exhibition, concerts, delicious food and more.

The old beautifully restored steamboat D/S Oster (built in 1908) will take you from Bergen to Hosanger in the morning, and you can go back to bergen with bus in the afternoon or in the evening. 

At Hosanger you can experience:

- performance art - six different performances during the day (no tickets required)

- art exhibitions - opening of the exhibition "Respectare" by Anne Knutsdatter Wille, Grethe Unstad and Brit Bøhme (free entrance)

- concert in Hosanger church - The Last Hurrah(!!) - critically acclaimed americana band

- three-course dinner based on local ingredients - Petter Beyer and Torjus Raknes - cheese, grilled vegetables, grilled fish and ice cream

- evening concerts at Mjøsvågen Landhandleri - Sarah Jory (UK) - world class pedal steel gitarist

- Bearfarm - improvized "jazz"

- enjoy sauna and swiming in Mjøsvågen

- walk up the 17 hairpin bends at Kossdalsvingane (6 km walk back and forth)

- free activities for children - painting, plant dyeing

Check out this video from the festival area at Mjøsvågen.

Age limit for the evening concerts is 18
Tickets are non-refundable

Read more about the round trip ticket from Bergen and how to book here.

Last Updated: 06/13/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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