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HANS MORTEN HANSEN - Natural Born Comedian // Olavshallen


Stavanger's great son of humor, Hans Morten Hansen, has made a living as a comedian for almost a lifetime and is one of the country's most experienced and acclaimed stand-up comedians. He has staged five solo performances, including "Is this it?", "50 Shades of Hansen", and "Game of Hansen" and in 2018 he crowned his career with two anniversary performances in DNB Arena, Stavanger in front of ten thousand wild fans.

He has received the Comedy Award for "Best Standup" twice, and in 2010 he also set a world record for the longest standup show when he kept it going for 38 hours and 14 minutes at Latter in Aker Brygge.

Here, the stage is set for a stand-up performance with "shameful" stories and observations from one of the country's favorite comedians, he is simply a born comedian.

Despite a long standup career, perhaps most people recognize Hans Morten Hansen as the character Gullestad from the popular NRK series "Side Om Side", but if you have not experienced Hans Morten Hansen on stage before, then it is high time to see one of the country's funniest men in his right and natural element.

There is little doubt that Hans Morten is funny. There's something about the way he says it. And what he says. And how he looks when he says it. But how did he become one of Norway's best comedians? Was he born funny? Is it heredity or environment? Should we thank the Hansen family or is it due to the upbringing, the city trips, the children, the marriages or the neighbours?

Look forward to an all-evening stand-up performance with close, dear and personal observational humor of the highest class - by the born comic talent Hans Morten Hansen.

External organizer: Stand Up Norge AS

Last Updated: 12/19/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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