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Hans Rotmo - Our Christmas


In 2020, Hans Rotmo had delighted the Norwegian people with his folk Christmas songs, his ingenious universe of characters and the CD "Our Christmas" for 40 years!When Hans Rotmo finally decided to take the concert performance "Vårres Jul" out to the public through a "Vårres Jul" tour 10 years ago, the reception was enormous. The tickets disappeared like hot cakes, people simply wanted to experience Hans Rotmo, the music and the mysterious universe live. The tours and the CD "Vårres Jul 2" were a huge success.During the 40-year anniversary tour in 2020, Adressa rolled the dice 6 for Henning and Hans' "Spring Christmas" concept "For a wonderful evening" and now the stage is set for another round.Such a success should of course not be taken lightly, so Hans Rotmo and Henning Sommerro are already in hard training ahead of the Vårres Jul tour in 2024, when there will be Christmas guitar, cutlets, sausages and steak, and maybe a Märtha Dahla? and there will probably be a lot of goro tea dessert. There is guaranteed to be a Christmas atmosphere when Hans Rotmo comes with his friend Henning Sommerro and invites you to Vårre's Christmas in 2022 as well.

Last Updated: 08/31/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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