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Helene Bøksle // Olavshallen

Helene Bøksle is one of Norway's great singing stars, and her traditional Christmas concert "Det hev ei rose sprunge" has been played to full houses over a number of years.

The concert is festive, heartfelt and close - and the audience gets the pleasure of hearing classic Christmas carols such as "Deilig er jorden", "O helga natt", "Tenn lys" and "Lucia".

The Christmas concert received a roll of 6 in Fædrelandsvennen last year, and wrote that Helene.. "takes the message of Christmas seriously and manages to convey it with beauty, fervor, conviction and warm seriousness".

Reviews of Helene's Christmas concerts:

"Almost otherworldly" Trønderavisa

"One of Norway's most beautiful voices" Tidens Krav

"A golden hour and a half" Fædrelandsvennen

"Absolutely magical" Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad

"An enchanting pre-Christmas package" Telemarksavisa

The concert is inspired by Helene's critically acclaimed Christmas record "Det hev ei rose sprunge", which has become a modern Christmas classic. Helene's Christmas songs have been streamed several million times on Spotify. You can only look forward to a magical pre-Christmas concert with Helene Bøksle and her eminent musicians.

Last Updated: 12/21/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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