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Hypnosis show

Experience Hypnosis and Mentalism up close! Hypnotist and Mentalist Geir Tangen is coming to UKA-23. In recent years, we have become more familiar with Geir through shows like “Norske talenter”, “Stian Blipp Show”, “4-star dinner”, and he has appeared on several NRK programs - notably the segment where Geir hypnotized the host Niklas Baarli. Tens of thousands of people around the world have experienced shows with Geir, spanning from Scandinavia, Las Vegas, and Dubai, to Tanzania and Vietnam. Geir is internationally certified as a hypnotist and hypnotherapist, with specialization in stage hypnosis. (ISAHt, NGH, IHF.) Mentalism is a form of entertainment where through a combination of psychology, observation, suggestion, and techniques, absurd and amusing situations are created to give the illusion of a sixth sense. Random guests are brought up on stage, challenging both the audience and volunteers’ minds. A hypnosis show is a fun and unique experience, where volunteers from the audience are hypnotized and become the stars of the evening. So - do YOU want to be hypnotized? NOW is your chance! References from the hypnosis show during UKA 23: “Geir had an amazing mentalism and hypnosis show for us during UKA-21! It was an incredibly entertaining evening for everyone! Rating: 6 out of 6!”Ida Vinje Sandvik, Event Developer UKA-21 “The atmosphere during the Hypnosis show at UKA-21 is palpable, and Tangen creates an intimate ambiance that makes it feel like we’re part of a cult. He guides us through the show with great confidence that even the biggest skeptics in the audience aren’t immune to. The initial cautious chuckles are eventually replaced with bursts of laughter and hearty applause from the audience”Jonas Høyda, journalist NB: This event is in Norwegian

Last Updated: 09/13/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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