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Ingrid Becker "To collect - to carry - to tell"


Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art presents sculptural works by craft artist Ingrid Becker in the exhibition "Å samle – å bære – å fortelle" (To collect - carry - tell).

With a background in textiles, craft artist Ingrid Becker has worked for decades with raw natural materials. A thorough technical and material-based knowledge, developed over time, forms the basis for her design of sculptural containers. The exhibition "Å samle – å bære – å fortelle” (Collect - Carry – Tell) presents several new variations of the basket form, while also tracing lines to a long and extensive artistic career.

Her solo exhibition at Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art is the most comprehensive presentation of Ingrid Becker's work to date.

In the exhibition Becker has utilized textile techniques such as weaving, knotting, binding, and braiding, in materials including willow, bark, rush, roots, and reeds - which also form the basis for her distinctly unique expression as a craft artist. Through time-consuming processes and meticulous craftsmanship, Becker expresses a closeness and honesty towards the materials, allowing their resilience and distinctiveness to define the works' expressions. The artworks' musical and poetic fundamentals are underscored in encounters with other art forms; the exhibition includes a sound work by composer Ellen Lindquist, a text by writer and art critic Kjetil Røed, and three poems by poet Margrethe Aas.

Ingrid Becker (b. 1952) lives and works in Stadsbygd, Indre Fosen in Trøndelag. 

Ingrid Becker has received support for the exhibition from the Arts and Culture Norway, Regional project funding for visual arts, Trøndelag fylkeskommune, and the Kunsthåndverkernes fond.

Trondheim Voices' musical performance in the exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Society of Composers and nyMusikk Trondheim.

The exhibition will be on display until August 4th and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 PM to 4 PM as part of this year's summer exhibition at the Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art.

Last Updated: 06/18/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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