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Ingun Bjørnsgaard - Sonett idiot


Flawed attempts at love.

Nagelhus Schia Production: Sonnett idiot by Ingun Bjørnsgaard - using Shakespeare's sonnets as a reference, Ingun Bjørnsgaard explores both sensual and platonic love in this new work, in collaboration with Nagelhus Schia Productions.

Ingun Bjørnsgaard is known for bringing out the beauty in the unfathomable fragility of modern man. 

Shakespeare's linguistic sensuality is abstracted through Bjørnsgaard's visual language of movement, where unfulfilled needs, misunderstandings and an attraction to the inaccessible prevail.

In the fallible attempts at love, a serious and humorous human timbre emerges. 

The music in the performance, composed and performed by Christian Wallumrød, plays a central role in creating a contrapuntal dialogue between the dance and the soundscape. 

The seemingly unsuccessful approaches the sublime in Ingun Bjørnsgaard's large-scale dance format for seven dancers.

Last Updated: 04/09/2024

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