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Introduction to Permaculture

Learn about permaculture and how it can be used to grow food in a way that is nutritious for you, the soil, the animals and the insects.Permaculture is a solution-oriented design system that wants to safeguard 3 main values:1. Earth care2. People care3. Fair shareIn the lecture, you will learn how permaculture can be used as a tool and method for growing food in a regenerative way. You will get to know practical examples of this, and we will visit topics such as interplanting, microclimate, raised beds, food forests and living soil.Finally, there will be a practical part in the Stammen's garden, where we will put into use what we have learned, and where you can help come up with ideas for what will become the Stammen's own Permaculture garden!About Ranita and KristineRanita and Kristine took the PDC certificate (Permaculture Design Course) together in 2021. Kristine is a trained gardener and is undergoing further training as a green space manager. She previously lived in Flores, Azores where she grew food, was partially self-sufficient and gained a lot of experience growing edible plants in a subtropical climate. Ranita is a qualified herbalist, has a bachelor's degree in outdoor life, nature and the environment and runs the company Rotfeste, which conveys knowledge about useful plants with a focus on the presence of nature. During her studies, she has been active in Permaculture projects, ran the university's school garden and was partly self-sufficient with vegetables from her own garden in Telemark.Participation is free!The event is held as part of Økouka 2023, and is supported by Trondheim Municipality.

Last Updated: 09/05/2023

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